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Free and open source Nextcloud app.

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Privacy First

Your data should be owned by you! Memories is a self-hosted app, which means that your photos are stored on your own Nextcloud instance and not on someone else's servers. You can even encrypt your data with a secret key. And it's completely free and open source!


Auto Upload

With the offical Nextcloud mobile apps for Android and iOS, you can automatically upload photos and videos to your Nextcloud server. Memories will automatically extract EXIF metadata from your photos as they are uploaded.

Photo Timeline

Trying to relive memories from your birthday party 10 years ago? Memories shows your photos in a familiar timeline view, which lets you instantly jump to any point of time in your photo library, even if it has hundreds of thousands of photos.



Create albums to organize your photos. You can also share albums with other users on your Nextcloud server or with anyone on the internet. Multiple users on the same Nextcloud server can also collaborate on albums together.

Automatic Tagging

Memories integrates with the Recognize and Face Recognition apps to automatically tag your photos with keywords and faces using artificial intelligence. You can also manually curate your library by assigning tags and faces to photos.

Automatic Tagging

Metadata Editing

You can edit the EXIF metadata of your photos, such as the title, description, GPS location, date and time, and tags. You can also edit the metadata of multiple photos at once!

Video Transcoding

To support a wide range of video formats and adaptive streaming, Memories is bundled with an on-demand video transcoder. You can also give the transcoding process a boost by using VA-API or NVENC hardware acceleration.

Map of Photos

Zoom in on your vacations around the world with the map view. Memories will automatically extract GPS data from your photos and plot them on a map. You can also find all photos at a location with its name with accurate reverse geocoding.


Fast & Battle Tested

Memories is built with performance in mind. It is designed and highly optimized for handling large photo libraries even when running on modest hardware such as a Raspberry Pi. It also relies on the battle tested Nextcloud platform as the underlying storage layer, which is used by thousands of organizations around the world.

No Lock-In

Memories stores most of the metadata in the EXIF headers of your photos, which means that you can easily migrate to other solutions without losing your data. It also utilizes your existing filesystem structure for organization without converting it to any specialized format.